The Fine Print

The Fine Print

When submitting to Blind Corner Literary Magazine,

you agree to the following:

  • The submission is your original, previously unpublished work. It does not appear on any publicly accessible printed or online medium.
  • Blind Corner Literary Magazine has first rights to work accepted, which will revert to you, the author, after publication. If your work will be published elsewhere, you are obligated to credit first publication to Blind Corner Literary Magazine.
  • Blind Corner Literary Magazine has nonexclusive rights to publish and use your work, in whole or in part, by electronic means without limitation over the internet, and will archive your work indefinitely.
  • If your writing is accepted for publication, Blind Corner Literary Magazine may gently edit your work as deemed necessary.  All edits are final from the time of acceptance.

Thank you for entrusting your work to Blind Corner Literary Magazine. We will carefully consider each piece, and let you know our decision within 1-2 weeks of the upcoming issue (CLICK HERE for a schedule). If your work is accepted elsewhere, please accept our congratulations and contact us immediately at

We look forward to building this community with you,

Blind Corner Literary Magazine