The Lantern Man by Megan Bjerke

The Lantern Man stood at the edge of the dock, his light out in front of him. He waited, sometimes hours, but his arm never grew tired. Despite the crisp air and only being covered in a wool jacket and thin pants, he never grew cold. His feet, stuffed into worn boots, never ached from standing on the pristine pine panels beneath him. None of it would have mattered anyways. He was a beacon right now, nothing more. Continue reading The Lantern Man by Megan Bjerke

The End by Mackenzie Denofio

Snow was not unusual in October. It was unwelcome, but not unheard of. There had been a great snowstorm on October 16th just two years before that had kicked off the coldest winter on record for the city. Everyone has bundled in for the six long months of gray days and nose nipping frost and waited for the crisp rain of spring. Continue reading The End by Mackenzie Denofio

Fiction | The Water Tower by Graham Marema

The first sign of Lasar Falls was the felled water tower. Ten years ago, according to an article Callan read in the Falls Bulletin archives, the town had enough money to rip the old one down and build a new one, but ran out of resources before they could move the body of the old. The article showed an unfocused picture of the water tower halfway through its descent, surrounded by onlookers from the town waving their arms behind roped-off areas. Continue reading Fiction | The Water Tower by Graham Marema