Issue 8 is HERE

July 1st, 2021
Not all strange deeds are done in the dark. Some, as you’ll soon find out, prefer the warmth of a summer afternoon to the cold, long nights of winter. And that’s what we’ve tried to bring you with this new collection of tantalizing tales—the kind of uncanny, atypical, and unexpected things that can occur right in front of us on a bright, sunny day. Whether that be a storm of limes, a lone boot in the forest, or a future where wars are fought over water, it goes to show that, sometimes, what frightens us the most is what we can see clearly and still not understand.  Continue reading Issue 8 is HERE

Issue 7 is HERE

April 1st, 2021
When we started Blind Corner Literary Magazine back in the fall of 2019, we had no idea how far it would take us. We had some hopes, a lot of motivation, and maybe even a few good ideas, but nothing that could prepare us for what was to come, or how quickly the magazine would find its footing. Continue reading Issue 7 is HERE

2nd Annual Microfiction Contest: Celebrating Black Voices

January 18th, 2021
Hello! Our 2nd Annual Microfiction Contest is now OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS. This year, in solidarity with our country, our community, and our firm stance on increasing diversity and equality throughout the literary world, we will be dedicating this contest solely to Black Voices in speculative fiction. Continue reading 2nd Annual Microfiction Contest: Celebrating Black Voices