Dragged by Jennifer Walne

No one in my class knows about the Monsters except me. Well, they know of them from stories their parents tell to make them behave. But none of my classmates would know a Monster if they saw one. I’ve got a big encyclopedia of fantasy creatures at home and there’s a whole page written about the Ahuiztol. I don’t know how to pronounce the name – no one in my class does – but I’m the only one who can spell it. Everyone calls them Monsters because it’s easier. Continue reading Dragged by Jennifer Walne

The Lantern Man by Megan Bjerke

The Lantern Man stood at the edge of the dock, his light out in front of him. He waited, sometimes hours, but his arm never grew tired. Despite the crisp air and only being covered in a wool jacket and thin pants, he never grew cold. His feet, stuffed into worn boots, never ached from standing on the pristine pine panels beneath him. None of it would have mattered anyways. He was a beacon right now, nothing more. Continue reading The Lantern Man by Megan Bjerke