We Met the Gods by Wanufi Teshome

We Met the Gods

by Wanufi Teshome

After the sky opened, earning was easy. A brown face promising salvation could sell anything. When I collected Leonard, the city was quiet, holding its breath until dawn. He wore a cheap tunic. The kind I peddled before this government gig. I MET GOD, SHE’S BLACK, was printed on the fraying muslin.

“They aren’t Black,” I said, pointing to the sky. “We’re just not the ones they want.” I parked at the landing zone and tightened his restraints. “I’m sorry bud,” I said as the ship’s lights came into view. “We give them as few of you as we can.”

About the Author:

Wanufi Teshome is based in Brooklyn, New York, and enjoys writing science fiction, children’s books, and essays. Wanufi graduated cum laude and with distinction from Kenyon College with a B.A. in Sociology. She currently works for the City of New York. 

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