Planet 4C by Ran Walker

Planet 4C

by Ran Walker

Pick and pat. Pick and pat. 

Doneisha’s hands moved about Imani’s seven-year-old head, taking the beautiful chaos of coiled hair and shaping it as the Creator might have once crafted the universe, her brown fingers moving like those of her mother and her mother’s mother, liberating every strand to stand at its full potential. 

“Mommy, is it done?”


“Please make it perfect.”

The sphere gradually emerged, a celestial body born into their tiny sliver of the universe.


Doneisha lifted the mirror to Imani’s face, watching the reflection of her daughter’s eyes, twin spheres filled with constellations of joy.

About the Author:

Ran Walker is an award-winning author of 24 books. He teaches creative writing at Hampton University in Virginia.

His work can be found at

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