The New Human by Abby Provenzano

The New Human

by Abby Provenzano

The new human emerges from isolation, hibernation. A finally mask-less first man on the moon, tentative and cautious. He stands and surveys the healthy Earth beneath his feet. There’s been a quiet change, and the new, the renewed, can feel it. Perhaps he will no longer take small things for granted—adequately stocked shelves, convenience stores open for snack runs at 3 A.M., a hug from the mother miles and miles away, laughter with friends in a bar. Perhaps he will be grateful. Change his way of life. Perhaps he will feel nothing at all and remain the same, static.

About the Author:

Abby Provenzano is a MFA student in Creative Writing-Fiction at Emerson College. Her pieces have been previously published in The Foundationalist, The Michigan Daily, Blueprint Literary Magazine, and Runestone Journal. She is the Assistant Fiction Editor (and the Fiction Editor starting in Fall 2020) of Redivider, a literature and art journal run by graduate students.

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